November 30, 2023



November 30, 2023.

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the II International Youth Scientific Forum «Problems of Natural Sciences and Education Development in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals».

PURPOSE OF THE FORUM is to analyze trends in the development of modern natural science and education in accordance with the ideas of sustainable development.


1. Paradigms of Natural Science Education and Science.

2. Climate Сhange and Sustainable Development of Regions

3. Sustainable Environmental Management and «Green» Technologies

4. Strategies and Partnerships for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals


DATE OF THE FORUM: November 30, 2023.

FORM OF PARTICIPATION: offline and online mode, ZOOM platform

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 971 4161 7462

Passcode: 755404

The platform will be available on November 30 at 9:30 AM. The forum will start at 10:00 (Almaty time).

APPLICATION FORM: Please register to participate in the forum until 21.11.2023. Registration form of the forum participant (Annex 1), as well as materials of reports on sections for the collection should be sent by the participants by November 21, 2023 (with the indication in the subject line: «International Forum») in one of the 3 languages (Kazakh, Russian, English) to the address:

The reports of the forum will be published in the form of an electronic collection. The Organizing Committee of the Forum reserves the right to reject papers announced outside the main directions of the Forum and the publication of abstracts that do not meet the above requirements. The text should be edited stylistically and technically. The Organizing Committee does not assume editing of the text of materials. Following the results of the Forum a collection of abstracts in electronic format will be published.

ADDRESS OF THE FORUM ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan, 13 Dostyk Avenue, Almaty, Abai KazNPU.

Contact details: 8(727)291-47-66 (Director of the Institute),

Aizhan Zhassaralova — +7 747 535 0402, Bibizhamal Zhassymbek — +7 747 151 6632; Moldir Kenzhebayeva +7 700 102 0121.

Fax: 8(727) 291-47-66; E-mail:

The forum will begin at 10:00 a.m. on November 30, 2023.

The article should contain: Introduction. Initial data and methods of research. Results. Conclusions. List of references.


The published work should be carefully edited. Technical editing of articles is not provided for their publication.

— Materials of reports should be sent in the form of a scientific article of no more than 5 pages of typewritten text, Microsoft Word file.

— Font: typeface — «Times New Roman».

— Paper size — A4, orientation — portrait.

— Font size — 12 (not less than 10 in figures and tables), spacing — 1.0. Margins: upper and lower margins — 2 cm, left margin — 3 cm, right margin — 1.5 cm.

— Paragraph: the first line — indent 1.0 cm, alignment — width.

— The file should be named with the author’s last name.

— First paragraph of the article: centered, bold in capital letters — Full title of the article.

— Second paragraph of the article: on the right, bold, italicized — academic degree, academic title or position Full name of the author (authors) (12 font).

— Third paragraph of the article: on the right, italics — city, place of work (abbreviations are not allowed) (12 font) (see the sample below). (Appendix 2)

— Fourth paragraph of the article: in the center, italics — summary and key words (in Kazakh/Russian, English) (12 font).

— The list of references (12 font) is arranged at the end of the article according to the order of literature usage, in accordance with GOST R 7.1-2003. References in the text to the relevant sources are made out in square brackets: the serial number of the source from the reference list and the page are indicated, for example [5, p.17]. The use of automatic page references is not allowed.

— Page numbering is not allowed.

— The text of the article (theses) should be carefully proofread and edited, the authors are responsible for the content of the articles, for the reliability of the facts, quotations, statistical and other data, names, titles and other information given in the article (see the sample design below).

Annex 1

Information about the author

1Surname, first name, patronymic (fully)* 
2Position, academic degree, academic title 
3Full and short name of your organization, location of your organization (settlement)* 
4Co-authors (full name, fully) (if any) 
5Title of the article (thesis) *   
6Number and name of the section       
7Phone number (mobile, work, home)           

* mandatory field

Annex 2

Sample article


Abdimanapov B.Sh., Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor

Department of Geography and Ecology, Abai KazNPU,

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Summary (12 font)

Depending on the language of the article, if it is in Kazakh, then the resume should be in Russian and English, if it is in Russian, then the resume should be in Kazakh and English respectively.

Summary, summary, summary, summary, summary, summary, summary, summary, summary, summary, summary, summary.

Keywords: Keywords, Keywords, Keywords, Keywords, Keywords, Keywords.

Article text. Article text. Article text [3, p.85]. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text. Article text (1-table). (12 font).

Table 1 — Title of the table (10 font)


List of references:

  1. Popov V.I. Educational and methodological system for the formation of environmental concepts in the process of teaching biology (grades 6-11) (based on the experience of new generation textbooks). // Bulletin of Al-Farabi KazNU (Biological Series). — №2 (64). — Almaty, 2015. — P. 544- 552.
  2. Fatkhutdinov R.A. Innovation Management: Textbook for Universities. — 5th ed. — SPb.: Piter, 2006. — 448 p.
  3. Aubakirov Y.A. Competition is a Regularity of Market Relations // «National competitiveness of Kazakhstan: theory, experience, prospects». Materials of the international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan. — Almaty: Kazakh university, 2006. — Part 2. – P. 9-14.
  4. On the SF started the third stage of the complex expedition to the archipelago Novaya Zemlya. [Electronic resource] — URL:
  5. The trajectory of socialization of personality in the modern pedagogical space [text]: monograph / T. N. Iskandirova, D. V. Lepeshev, K. S. Shalgimbekova, / obsch.Ed. N. V. Kolodiy. — Kostanay: NSC «perspective» – — 2011. — 150 P.

Sincerely, Forum Organizing Committee!